The Elements of Life Foundation, Inc.
Founder, C.E.O., and Sole Survivor 
John-Trinity Range

We all know about the 4 elements of life... fire, water, earth, and wind.  These elements are just as powerful as they are inexplicable, if not entirely impossible to explain it's nature, origin, or full potential of their seemingly limitless powers.  But there is ONE element that we rarely discuss, research, or show hope for discovering its true and unlimited powers.  That mysterious element is "THE SPIRIT OF MAN".   You have no idea just how STRONG your spiritual nature is... until you have no other choice, but to puch yourself to the limits in order to survive, thrive, and overcome every adversity that seeks to destroy you.

I am JOHN-TRINITY RANGE... and I am a survivor of Sickle Cell - Thalassemia Level 4, a motivational speaker, and philanthropist.  I have dedicated the last 8 years of my life to the cause of helping people who suffer from the pain and affliction derived from Sickle Cell Anemia.  I created The Elements of Life Foundation to be a support group, an advocacy program for the youth, an educational resource for the public, and last but not least a financial pool to support medical research and the discovery of a cure.

The pure, powerful, and precious SPIRIT of a man.

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The Terror & Torture of my Un-Told Testimony, by John-Trinity Range:

Your access has been granted; like an open book, I've decided to take one long history of medical mishaps and break them down into various categories to give you a clear understanding of my life-long battle against Sickle Cell - Thalassemia: Level 4.

The Orign of John-Trinity Range:  The Early Days of my Testimony

Age: 1 year 6 months old - Diagnosed with Sickle Cell Thalassemia Level 4 - 1 surgery

I was only 18 to 19 months old, when we discovered that I was diagnnosed as having full-blown Sickle Cell - Thalassemia: Level 4.  As the firstborn child of John & Rosalind Range, I would be most-likely live a life of constant struggles & obstacles, due to my health.   My first major crisis came upon me when I was just a little over a year and a half - 1 year & 6 months old.  As an infant, I actually started to walk at an early age.  However, one day my parents noticed that I would NOT walk anymore, chose to get down and crawl again, and cried continuously, everytime they tried to make me stand up and walk.  My ankles, knees, and hands were swollen and terribly painful, but unfortunately at this age, I could NOT articulate the problem.  What my mom thought was a "fussy" baby, was truly a child in pain and in desperate need of medical attention.  When the family finally gave in and took me to the ER of a hospital, the doctors determined that I had Sickle Cell and was going through a terrible crisis.  By the time it was discovered, I had been in agonizing pain for over 2 weeks.  

John-Trinity Range

Atlanta, Georgia

Age: 12 years old - Sickle Cell Thalassemia Level 4, Chronic Pneumonia, 4 major surgeries

By the age of 12, I was a juvenile delinquent - and budding criminal.  It doesn't take long to get acclimated to street-life in Atlanta and environment plays a huge roll in this scenario.  For the first time, I was no longer at a multi-racial elementary school, but instead, I was placed in Woodland Middle School, a new project of Fulton county to alleviate some of the over-crowding in other surrounding schools.  Woodland M.S. had a little bit of everybody... from everywhere... but it was predominantly Black.  This was where I learned to commit my very first felony.  BY this time in my life, it was pretty normal for me to have about 4 or 5 Sickle Cell crisis within a year.  Each visit could last as long as 3 weeks or as short as 3 days.  It varies and every time is different.  I had 2 surgeries within 1 year due to implosion of an organ (gall bladder) due to blood clots and stones.  That morning, I was fine.  Later on in the day, I started to feel weak and dizzy.  A friend noticed that the whites of my eyes were terribly yellow from jaundice.  I went to the school nurse, but passed out in the office.  I was rushed straight to the hospital from my school and my mother met me at the ER in the hospital.  This would be my 4th surgery where they removed my gall bladder and appendix.  Both of these organs had imploded and became necrotic due to blood clots from the Sickle Cell.

John-Trinity Range 

East Point, Georgia 

Age: 17 years old - Sickle Cell Thalassemia, Chronic Pneumonia, 9 surgeries

By the age 17, I had made a name for myself; in my school as well as my city, East Point/College Park.  From '92 through '95 were pretty turbulent times in Atlanta, Ga.  The street scene was being molded by the masses, who emulated the "gangster/thug" lifestyle.  Our city was never known for "gang violence", per se; however, young, Black men would link up in clicks or crews all over the place.  Each click had their own soldiers, territory, and in some cases, their own colors or other distinguishing characteristics.  When I was 15, I was "jumped in" (initiated by acts of violence) to a click called, "3-D" also known as "The Winning Team".  By age 17 I was a seasoned criminal and nostranger to violent brawling, guns, drugs, alcohol, and various methods of entertaining myself within various venues, like clubs, lounges, etc.  Though my conduct was always in question; my grades were impeccble.  I maintained a 3.2 GPA at all times.  The unfortunate aspect of my youth is the fact that I had attended 5 schools, within a 4 year period.  I was expelled 4 different times, from 4 different schools.  This is why my mother sent me to live with my father in Florida; to finish high school and earn a diploma.  My only other option was to attain a GED, because no other schools would have me, within the state of Georgia. I was preparing to leave high school and attend college.  I nearly died this year from a Sickle Cell crisis that caused a blood clot to block up my entire spleen.  The inflamation was so bad that the doctors decided to do a full splenectomy, remove the entire organ and simply hope for the best.  The spleen is important because it helps to filter and clean the body's blood supply.  My spleen is normally the size of a banana.  When it was removed, during surgery, it was the size of a football.  The doctors were astounded.  They could NOT understand how I could have survive so many incidents and organ failures over the years.  My spleen was removed.  It was a very difficult recovery, but all and all I got better.

John-Trinity Range

Daytona Beach, Florida - Bethune-Cookman College

Age: 20 years old - Sickle Cell Thalassemia - Level 4, Chronic Pneumonia, 11 surgeries

By the age 20, I was a sophomore/junior in college and life was very difficult.  When my mother forced me to leave Atlanta, it was most definitely a wise move on her part.  Within my first 3 months of being in Florida, I lost 5 friends to street violence in Atlanta, Ga.  Four were murdered over senseless issues like drugs, money, or robbery.  And one of my closest friends actually committed suicide; feeling stuck and only saw death as the best option out.  May God watch over him.  My life was beginning to change and take form on its own. Being a full time student, with a full-time fiance, and a full-time job, while handling school work and fraternity business... became very, very stressful.  Many people do not know all the triggers that can provoke a Sickle Cell crisis; even psychological issues can cause one to go into crisis.  The mental can affect you physically.  I know this for a fact.  I had one of my worst crisis during this time, because I had lost 2 sisters... in a FATAL car accident... at the SAME time!   I was crushed; totally rocked my world.  The one thing though, that I do remember the most... Is the fact that my wife (fiance) at that time... was right there with me through the entire ordeal.  She came down, was scheduled to leave, but cancelled her departure and stayed behind to take care of me.  My God, I love that woman!  If it were NOT for the serious, super, support team that God blessed me with, I'm not sure that I would still be alive today!

John-Trinity Range 

Daytona Beach, Florida

Age: 28 years old - S Cell Thalassemia - Level 4 - CRITICAL/ END STAGE RENAL FAILURE

By this stage in my life, so much has changed.  I've grown in so many diffeent ways.  As a college graduate, I made my mark in the professional world as a Senior Manager and Mid-level Executive for 2 of the largest, most respected corporations in the nation.  I excelled; superceded every expectation possible with a flawless sales record with many awards, plaques, and accolades to show for it.  I was one of the highest paid execs within the TransLeasing Division.  Even with my health issues escalating, I persevered and maintained a wonderful and lucrative career, up until the day I resigned to pursue the dream of building my own empire.  When I left Corporate America, I started my business - Firstborn Fidelity & Trust: Insurance and Financial Services.  My agency was small, but extremely lucrative.  I ran my own agency for 9 years before I had to close my doors, settle all accounts, and sell my entire book of business; due to health issues.  It would be close to impossible... to try and run a full-time business, while attending dialysis sessions 3 times a week.  By this stage in life, my kidneys had completely failed me.  I have endured countless procedures, various surgeries, organ failure, and frequent Sickle Cell attacks.  Only by the grace of God, we were able to live a great life, regardless of all my health problems.  By this stage in my life I have: owned & operated an insurance agency, built a non-profit organization to help people who are afflicted by terminal disease, I've also created a Christian clothing company to act as a fund-raising operation for the ministry, and my wife and I have served in ministry faithfully, since giving our lives to Christ, back in 2005.

John-Trinity Range

Palm Coast, Florida

Age: 36 years old - Sickle Cell Thalassemia - End Stage Renal Disease & Heart Failure

At this point in my life, I feel a sense of fulfillment.  I've accomplished so many wonderful things that helped other people, and that is what matters most to me.  I've built and maintained 3 successful businesses, served faithfully in ministry, and dedicated much of my time to mentoring and counseling others; reminding them to keep Christ first.  And God loves me so much, He didn't make me do all of this alone... My beautiful wife of 14 years has been with me, through it all, over the years.  I pray that this foundation, The Elements of Life, becomes a beacon of hope for many others that are dealing with similar predicaments.  My wife is the Captain of my Support Team and you never really understand how important it is to have support, until that dreadful day comes, when you feel all alone and drowning in your afflictions.  I'm thankful for my wife, my family, and my friends... who all and all, helped me to continue on in this fight of faith and also help others to build up their faith as well.

John-Trinity Range & LaCIndra "Chino" Range

Palm Coast, Florida & Atlanta, Georgia