The Elements of Life Foundation, Inc.
Founder, C.E.O., and Sole Survivor 
John-Trinity Range

We all know about the 4 elements of life... fire, water, earth, and wind.  These elements are just as powerful as they are inexplicable, if not entirely impossible to explain it's nature, origin, or full potential of their seemingly limitless powers.  But there is ONE element that we rarely discuss, research, or show hope for discovering its true and unlimited powers.  That mysterious element is "THE SPIRIT OF MAN".   You have no idea just how STRONG your spiritual nature is... until you have no other choice, but to puch yourself to the limits in order to survive, thrive, and overcome every adversity that seeks to destroy you.

I am JOHN-TRINITY RANGE... and I am a survivor of Sickle Cell - Thalassemia Level 4, a motivational speaker, and philanthropist.  I have dedicated the last 8 years of my life to the cause of helping people who suffer from the pain and affliction derived from Sickle Cell Anemia.  I created The Elements of Life Foundation to be a support group, an advocacy program for the youth, an educational resource for the public, and last but not least a financial pool to support medical research and the discovery of a cure.

The pure, powerful, and precious SPIRIT of a man.

Listed below is a glance at my "Life's Work"; the legacy that I started and unfortunately, may not be around to see them all flourish to their full potential...

Listed below, is a sapshot of my professional career and the various businesses that I have launched over the years.  There have been 18 businesses in all, once you incorporate those companies that I helped in the creation of the entity, but never served as an employee or board member.  

John-Trinity Range's Empire:


Firstborn Fidelity & Trust: Insurance and Financial Services

John-Trinity Range, Owner & CEO of Firstborn Fidelity & Trust - Insurance and Financial Services:  An independent insurance agency specializing in all general lines of insurance for the entire family.  We cover: auto, home, life & health, as well as retirement planning.  We also carry commercial insurance for various business owners.  Whether it is general liability,commercial auto, or workers' compensation...  I was the sole owner and CEO from 2002 until 2011.  Unfortunately, I was left with no other option, but to sell my business and go into early retirement, due to deteriorating health issues. 

From: February 14, 2002

To: November 23, 2011

REIGN -  Range & Engram International Goods and Networking 

Range & Engram International Goods & Networking - a non-profit organization (501c3) that finances the ministry of helps for disabled children, families, and individuals in need.  REIGN, also known as The Elements of Life Foundation, is an excellent company with a golden vision of restoration.  Being able to give back to our communities is actually one of the most rewarding facets of achieving success.

Inception: August 5th, 2005

My wife, LaCindra Range, is one of the most important motivational factors that launched me into a life of philanthropy...  It's a true blessing, totally empowering, to bless and empower others.

Atlanta, Georgia - Ormond Beach, Florida

The ProblemSolver's Network - An Independent Business Consultant

The Imperial League of Commercial Developers, Inc. - "The ProblemSolver's Network":  Speciallizes in solving problems and creating beneicial , lucrative arrangements that enhances the efficiency of the day-to-day operations in business.  Though I am retired, I must say, this gives me great pleasure to work with some of the most intelligent and hard-working staff members that we've ever assembled.

John-Trinity Range

Atlanta, Georgia - Ormond Beach, Florida

Christian Life University, Clothing Co. Inc. -

Christian Life University, Clothing Co. : Is a sports apparel line that is currently the ;eading brand, in the area of Faith-based Fashion.  This is more than just a t-shirt trend; furthermore, it will be used to spread the gospel of Christ and raise money to finance the ministryneeds, all for the benefit of the people.

Inception: January 7th, 2005

Atlanta, Georgia - Daytona Beach, Florida - Miami, Florida - New York, New York