The Elements of Life Foundation, Inc.
Founder, C.E.O., and Sole Survivor 
John-Trinity Range

We all know about the 4 elements of life... fire, water, earth, and wind.  These elements are just as powerful as they are inexplicable, if not entirely impossible to explain it's nature, origin, or full potential of their seemingly limitless powers.  But there is ONE element that we rarely discuss, research, or show hope for discovering its true and unlimited powers.  That mysterious element is "THE SPIRIT OF MAN".   You have no idea just how STRONG your spiritual nature is... until you have no other choice, but to puch yourself to the limits in order to survive, thrive, and overcome every adversity that seeks to destroy you.

I am JOHN-TRINITY RANGE... and I am a survivor of Sickle Cell - Thalassemia Level 4, a motivational speaker, and philanthropist.  I have dedicated the last 8 years of my life to the cause of helping people who suffer from the pain and affliction derived from Sickle Cell Anemia.  I created The Elements of Life Foundation to be a support group, an advocacy program for the youth, an educational resource for the public, and last but not least a financial pool to support medical research and the discovery of a cure.

The pure, powerful, and precious SPIRIT of a man.

The Elements of Life Foundation has a simple motto with a very complex and versatile goal for the harmonious existence of humanity:




The Elements of Life Foundation is a multi-faceted network that operates more like a "family unit", providing assistance, information, and support for young people who are fighting their way through a terminal illness while trying to live a fulfilling & meaningful life.  Life is hard enough; the world can be a cruel and unforgiving place.  To go about your own way, blazing your own trail, and defining your true legacy... can be a grueling and depressing task when every doctor, specialist, or therapist in your "tiny" world, is in your ear, telling you that your time on Earth is limited.  "You are going to die!"  Some can sympathize; even fewer can empathize... but no one can truly know what it is like until they have been in this type of situation.  Unfortunately, I happen to understand how this gut-wrenching feeling, all to well.  When someone is facing this type of pressure, it's good to know that, "You are not alone!  God has NOT forgotten you..."  It is my personal mission to find these hurting souls.  These people are searching for answers, knocking on unanswered doors, and seeking rest without any hope of finding it.  This is NOT The will of God for mankind; this is why we, "The Entire EOL Family", are waiting, willing to wage in spiritual warfare for the benefit of our brothers & sisters in Christ, whose natural rights are above and beyond the reach of any infirmity.  We speak "life" over you... over us all... an abundant life & endless blessings. 


The Elements of Life Foundation is a dedicated sponsor and partnering subsidiary of Living Word Family Church - 1011 8th Street, Holly Hill, Florida 32117.  Please feel free to come and visit us for bible studies on Wednesdays at 7:00 pm or family worship services on Sundays at 10:30 am.  The house of God is most definitely the safehaven; you will be greeted and welcomed by some of the most loving people you'll ever encounter!  We have various types of counseling, mentoring programs, and group therapy exercises that help people to get connected quickly, learning, and linking up with individuals who are happy to share their stories and testimonies... or even help you to discover your own.  


It all starts with the "WORD".  The word of God is the beginning point for every situation in our lives.  When you are faced with a predicament and you need an excellent support system... a system that can assist you, help you, pray with you, stand with you, fight for you... this is the place!  The support system is "the family unit".  It is the cornerstone of a strong, anointed, and effective ministry.  The support system is there for you to have someone to share your story with.  Allow us to point out certain principles in the Bible concerning your situation.  The best thing to do, when confronting a "life issue", is to first find out what God says in His word about addressing the issue properly.  Throughout the years, we learn so many different views from so many different people, but the TRUTH remains.... God's principles are the only ones effective, lasting, and beneficial for all!  Remember, with God all thngs are possible.  During my years in ministry, I would ften run into people who were tormented mentally.  Many of them felt alone, abandoned, and abused... and this is why the "support system" is important because it provides for us all... a TRUE FAMILY UNIT to help us through the toughest of times.


The Elements of Life Foundation was created by Founder & CEO, John-Trinity Range as a safehaven & support system for those individuals, who against all odds, are fighting a terminal illness, in order to maintain a fruitful and fulfilling life.  Unlike cancer or AIDS, this illness, as deadly as many others, is caused by a genetic disorder.  This silent killer is a rare blood disorder found primarily among African-Americans and over the past few centuries it has killed millions.   Unfortunately, this deadly disease continues to annihilate the Black population and according to the CDC, there is still no known cure.  This blood disorder is known as Sickle Cell Anemia.  It is a genetic disorder that affects the hemoglobin of the blood, causing sickle-shaped, hardened, oxygen-deprived blood cells to clot.  Major blood clots can cause blockage of blood circulation and oxygen throughout the body.  When these clots are formed they can restrict blood flow; causing veins, arteries, and even organs to collapse, rupture, or simply die due to lack of blood flow and oxygen.  Sickle Cell comes in 4 levels: SC-Trait, Sickle Cell Anemia, SC H-Beta, and the last level, which is more rare and more deadly is known as  Sickle Cell Thalassemia.  It is estimated that only 110,000 people are currently living in the United States that are affected by Sickle Cell.  Those with the SC-Trait can live a fairly normal life with few serious health complications.  Those with Sickle Cell Anemia and SC H-Beta will constantly suffer through a series of painful attacks known as a "Sickle Cell Crisis".  The average crisis can last as long as 3 days or 3 weeks.  Every single person afflicted by Sickle Cell will suffer through these crises at least 6 to 8 times a year.  During a Sickle Cell crisis, the sickle-shaped blood cells begin to clot, disrupt, or in some cases totally eradicate the blood circulation throughout the body.  These lethal blood clots increase the risk of stroke and heart attack by 70%, deteriorate bone, muscle, and joint tissue, and the most detrimental affect of all - necrosis: when an internal organ looses all blood flow and.  your  that is coursing through the individual's body  which can be triggered by any bacterial or viral infection (including the common cold or flu), any random illness, or even mental stress, the body is rendered useless due to agonizing pain.  The pain is caused by the blood clotting in muscle tissue, around the joints, and deeply into the bone.  The pain is very similar to the deep, consistent throbbing of a broken bone or exposed nerve of a cracked tooth.  Many "sicklers" (or people affected by Sickle Cell) are often left with no other option to alleviate this excruciating pain, other than using heavy narcotics like morphine, dilaudid, and  oxycontin/oxycodone.  The use of such strong drugs carries enough danger within itself.  The threat of over-dosing can cause the respiratory system to completely shut down or evn cause heart palpitations and cardiac arrest.  The risk of growing an addiction is multiplied 100 times over and unfortunately, the Sickle Cell Disease alng with the dangers of addiction will most definitely increase the chances of death.  Again, in the U.S. there are only an estimated 110,000 people living with Sickle Cell Disease; in which the average life-span is only 22 years old.  Less than 12% of the 110,000 are diagnosed with Sickle Cell Thalassemia and even among this small demographic entity, most who suffer from Sickle Cell Thalassemia hardly ever live long enough to become teenagers.  Unfortunately, the average life-span of those "sicklers" diagnosed with SC Thalassemia is only 7 years of age.  

John-Trinity Range, is a survivor of Sickle Cell - Thalassemia, a level 4, and the most hostile and aggressive form of Sickle Cell Anemia known in the U.S.  John is NOT only surviving... but he is "living" and living well.  Though the average life span of those afflicted with SC-Thalassemia is only 7 years of age, John is planning to celebrate his 37th birthday in December, in his hometown of East Point, in southwest Atlanta, Georgia.  John, currently 36 years old, has been living with Sickle Cell Thalassemia for his entire life.  Diagnosed at only 15 months old, John has endured 12 surgeries, the loss of not 2, not 3, but 5 organs!  One of his near death experiences includes the rupturing spleen during his freshmen year in college.  The spleen, a natural filter-like organ which helps to cleanse the blood and rid the body of toxins, was swiftly deteriorating due to clotting and inflammation.  The swelling was so severe that the spleen literally ruptured within his body, causing internal bleeding and toxic poisoning, also known as septicemia which is bacteria in the blood.  When his spleen was finally removed by emergency surgery, it was the size of a football.  The spleen is typically no larger than a banana.  John also loss the use of both kidneys, by the age of 33.  Humans can't live without the full use of at least 1 kidney, and in his situation, he has lost both kidneys and is now forced to live a life of constant treatments by hemodialysis.  This is a process by which the blood is artificially cleansed by medical machinery.  In between 10 to 12 hours a week, John is now confined to spending time within a medical hemodialysis clinic, where professional dialysis techs and a nephrologist are responsible for removing the blood from his body, every single red drop, and cleansing the blood through an artificial dialyzer made of thin fibers, calibrated pumps, and plastic tubing.  It is NOT a glamorous life; furthermore, those who are not mentally strong enough to handle the pressures of such a challenging life, often fall into a deep depression.  Pure desperation and hopelessness, fueled by the rigors and challenges of Sickle Cell, is a deadly combination.  There is no definitive information out there that would suggest most "sicklers" die from complications of the disease, rather than other means of death, due to the affects of the disease.  Drug abuse, alcoholism, and even suicide ranks high on the list of deadly afflictions that plague many people with Sickle Cell.  When a person has no other option, but to live a life of frequent hospitalizations, bed rest, and morphine drips, it's not a big surprise that drug addiction can be a serious possibility with severe repercussions.  Statistically speaking, nearly 35% of the "sicklers" in the U.S. are addicted to some form of pain medication or narcotic sleep aid.  Years of drug use can be as damaging to the body as the Sickle Cell itself; for instance, necrosis of the liver and kidneys, scar tissue of the lungs, damage to heart valves and circulatory system... these are all symptoms of long-term drug abuse.  To avoid these snares and pitfalls, there has to be some sort of safehaven for the people stuck in this life-long battle.   A safehaven gives security and stability to those who need it most.  A place of refuge is important and is often taken for granted.  The support system is a three-fold system, working in conjunctionn with one another, in sync and harmoniously one, a powerful trio that brings balance into the life of an individual that can be overwhelmed and burdened down by the pressures of this cruel and unforgiving world.  That "triune perfecta" is better known as faith, family, and friends.  

  The Elements of Life Foundation is a very unique organization.  We are a devout Christian organization, built on 3 foundational pillars: Hope, Faith, & Love.  Furthermore, built on these 3 foundational pillars, are also 3 primary principles that not only defines who we are, but also what we stand for.  Those 3 principles, though simple in theory, are complex in execution and created to intentionally mimic the lifestyle of Christ.  Those principles are: Give Big, Love Hard, & Live Right.  When sharing the driving force, the motivation and purpose of this foundation, nothing is more important than self-improvement and buiding character to be more Christ-like in delivering our message and doing our part for the betterment of people.  This is not a charity organization.  You can give a man a fish, and he can eat for a day... or you can teach a man how to fish, then he can provide for himself and his family daily.  I personally believe that there will always be a time & place for charity, but within The Elements of Life Foundation, we have adopted a higher standard.  Oour method is to educate, empower, and elevate our members; giving them the tools to create the life that they were destined to live.  Unlike the countless non-profits that are categorized as volunteer groups created to help the needy through benevolent acts of support for the under-priviledged, the impoverished, and the abused; our approach to providing help is to evaluate and change their mindset.  It is imperative for one to rehabilitate their mind, making the mind, the actual soul of a person conducive to change.  If you see yourself as a victim of circumstance, then a victim you shall remain.  But if you see yourself as a survivor; a victorious, courageous, and unconquerable survivor, then this is what you shall be... and no one can change that or take that from you!